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2022-23 VFW Dept. of Delaware Membership Program: PDF

2023-24 VFW National Membership Program: PDF

2023-24 Application for VFW License Plate: PDF


Commander's Guide:  PDF

Chaplains Handbook:  PDF

District Commander's Guide:  PDF

Leadership and Development Manual:  PDF

Officer Responsibilities:  PDF

Quartermaster Guide:  PDF

Quartermaster Introduction:  PDF

Quartermaster Guide to Financial Reporting:  PDF

Quartermaster Federal Tax Info:  PDF

Trustee Guide to Proper Audit:  PDF

VFW Programs Guide:  PDF


2023-24 Club Manager / Employee Rate Schedule : PDF

2023-24 Quartermaster Bond Rates: PDF

2023-24 Quartermaster Bond Form: PDF

2023-24 Club Manager / Employee Application FormPDF

2022-23 District Inspection FormPDF

2022-23 VFW Application for Accountable Officers Crime Coverage: PDF

2022-23 Officer Reimbursement Voucher:  PDF

2023-24 Patriot's Pen Entry Form:  PDF

2023-24 Voice of Democracy Entry Form:  PDF

2023-24 Public Servant Award Instructions: PDF

2023-24 Public Servant Award Entry Form: PDF

2023-24 Scouting Wood Badge Entry Form: PDF

2023-24 Scout Award Instructions: PDF

2023-24 Scout of the Year and Entry Form: PDF

2023-24 Teacher Award Instructions: PDF

2023-24 Teacher of the Year Entry Form: PDF

2023-24 VFW Membership Application:  PDF

2023-24 Trustee Audit Form:  PDF


2023-24 Legacy Life Membership Brochure:  PDF

2023-24 Life Upgrade Flyer:  PDF

2023-24 Member Recruitment Brochure (Espanol):  PDF

2023-24 Member Benefit Brochure:  PDF

2023-24 Member Campaigning at the Post Level Brochure:  PDF

2023-24 Patriot's Pen Brochure:  PDF

2023-24 Scout of the Year Brochure:  PDF

2023-24 Teacher of the Year Brochure:  PDF

2023-24 VFW Fact Sheet:  PDF

2023-24 VFW Fact Sheet (Espanol):  PDF

2023-24 Voice of Democracy Brochure:  PDF 

2023-24 VFW Membership Brochure:  PDF

2023-24 VFW Membership-at-a-Glance Brochure:  PDF

2023-24 VFW Women Veterans Brochure:  PDF

2023-24 VFW Women Veterans Brochure (Espanol):  PDF